Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blair Force Juan

The nickname controversy has been, perhaps, the most elaborate topic concerning Dejuan Blair in the past week. His play, of course, usually speaks for itself. In my last post, Dejuan Blair; Space Eater Extraordinaire I made a pretty good case for his space eater self.

Some suggested "The Black Hole"

For others, is was "Grizzly Blair." This was started at Pitt

His nickname growing up was "Big Fella," and will always be his hometown nickname.

However, spur fandom has seeked a new and fresh nickname. Blair Force One has emerged as the favorite, but let me introduce a marvel of the english language. Hidden in the pronounciation of his first name is, in fact, the sound of "one" in "Juan." Dejuan-->de"one"

whoa. meant to be?

Blair Force Juan* utilizes both his first and last name, while maintaining the integrity of the metaphor.

Feel free to spread the nickname like mom does your peanut butter in the morning lunch prep.

Let's not stop until we get an endorsement for him to do "Honey Dejuan Mustard-->A must for all Big Fella Burgers"

*credit to a Mr. Jules Coulson for the nickname ingenuity.

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